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Symbios Consulting

Started in 1999 in the UK with deep emphasis on implementation of the Lean Systems and 6 Sigma Strategies and Deployment Models.

Symbios Consulting Egypt was established in August 2005 to serve the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.

All the founders were ex-multi-national-experienced employees who brought with them the knowledge of production systems’ design, supply chain configuration, as well as business excellence development models.

Training and Consulting

We are a training and consulting company dedicated to the growth and execution of: 

  • Value based orientation to achievable and stretching operational strategies
  • Knowledge transfer capabilities to build internal client expertise
  • Technology tools to support client team leaders
  • Deep skill implementation expertise to augment client team leaders
  • Consulting Services for Six Sigma
  • Lean Services
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Training services that range from operators to top management

Although originally directed at the manufacturing industry, with the emerging demands in other sectors our Symbios team have successfully implemented their services within several Service sectors such as Banking, Construction, Healthcare, and Retail…etc.

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