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Linking Business Process Reengineering to Organizational Strategy

We'll help your organization understand and improve your processes in the short and long term. We guide your business process owners and subject matter experts through business process engineering and reengineering. The former is focused on designing new processes, while the latter is focused on improving existing processes. Our BPR consulting services will help you reduce costs and cycle times by focusing on process modelling and process improvement.

Faster Implementation

To enable a more efficient ERP implementation, we focus on business process reengineering (BPR) before technology selection. Our BPR consulting services employ both top-down value chain mapping and bottom-up value stream mapping utilizing Lean Six Sigma principles. Our reengineering work aligns.

  • Your strategic goals with your organizational capabilities
  • Your digital strategy should match your business strategy.

Breaking Down Silos

Our BPR initiatives and business process management services enable the integration of people, processes, and technology. We focus on integration in order to

  • Enable your organization to become a digital business and compete in today’s market
  • Depict the interaction between functions within a process, and help you understand the flow of materials and information
  • Identify waste and eliminate non-value-added processes
  • Implement cultural changes
  • Ensure successful ERP go-live and fast benefits realization
  • Enable the deployment of digital technologies, such as IoT, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Create a seamless customer journey and enable excellent customer service

Sustaining Change with Business Process Reengineering

We help you improve your customer experience and ensure these improvements are practical and sustainable. We provide:

  • A holistic analysis of your organization’s current state and pain points
  • Leadership and change management support
  • Executive and end-user training
  • Tools and resources, including a Center of Excellence
  • Proactive identification of process ownership for clear roles and responsibilities
  • Identification of process enablers and constraints to inform our change impact analysis
  • Organizational structure redesign and cross-functional alignment of business processes
  • Integrated implementation recommendations and roadmap Ongoing implementation, post-implementation and benefits realization services

Business Process Management Maturity (BPMM)


The model describes an evolutionary path that guides organizations in moving from immature, inconsistent processes to mature, disciplined processes. Process management maturity is a useful tool that assists organizations in applying, managing, and controlling processes. By using this tool, organizations can yield a variety of benefits that include cost savings, more involved employees, and increased, predictable quality and productivity. By using the BPMM, an organization can focus on tangible actions that will lead to a maturing of process management capabilities.

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