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First Model

Dimensional Model

The approach to covering a client's needs is to go through a 5-Dimensional model at all project stages.

This model starts with people observation and enhancement, process modelling and improvement, technology assessing, and transformation, governance compiling, standardizing, change managing, and monitoring.

All five dimensions of this model are covered and reinforced by specific tools and techniques well-known to Symbios expertise.


Second Model

Consultancy Support Model

Symbios'unique Consultancy Support Model is a Win-Win model that doesn't start intervention before doing the diagnostics and readiness assessment for the client.

So it's not about selling "off the shelf" consultancy services. The Symbios business development team works to create a customized model for each client to deliver real value with a return on investment of more than 1:2 by focusing on building client teams' capabilities and coaching them to come up with innovative and efficient solutions for each business issue.

The improvement journey follows an infinity cycle that is a never-ending process. Symbios simply builds and embeds the capabilities of client teams to survive the journey independently.


Third Approach

Pre-assessing and
qualification tools

Acquire specific people who can help you assess your operations' overall performance.

and your company's maturity using operations auditing assessment tools such as Lean Assessment and Supply Chain Assessment Tool, 20 keys, Management Maturity Assessment,

Quality Assessment, Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment, etc.


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